A small server dedicated to mostly to the Asian community but we have a wide variation on the server. It is a 24/7 free build, survival, creative and just for fun with friends.
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 Official Asia-Craft Rules

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PostSubject: Official Asia-Craft Rules   Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:16 am

1. Be respectful to everyone on the server.
2. Offensive player names are unacceptable.
3. Do not act immaturely.
4. Do not grief. It will not be tolerated.
5. No inappropriate topics of any kind.
6. Please do not disrespect higher ranks.
7. No 1x1 holes or towers it ruins the server!
8. No logging in to premium accounts using MinecraftSP.
9. No using hacked clients. (We can check)
10. Do not advertise anything at all.
11. Do not spam. Spammers will be muted and/or banned.
12. Do not beg for OP or a higher rank.
13. Do not intrude on other people's property.
14. Do not build things near the Asia-Craft spawn.
15. Do not place random blocks everywhere possible.
16. Do not type in CAPS. You will be muted and/or banned.
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Official Asia-Craft Rules
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